About Us

Welcome to Christian Life Church (CLC) in Middlesex!

Home.  For a lot of us, that word, “home” conjures up a host of thoughts – hopefully pleasant ones like:

  • A place where I can be safe
  • I can be who I am
  • I’m accepted and cared about
  • I can sing, laugh, cry, cheer, rest, love
  • I belong;  I can learn, grow up

In a word… home.

Don’t get fooled by what it looks like on the outside.  Houses come in all shapes and sizes and appearances.  Yet, inside those outer walls we find the place called home.

Churches are the same way.  They come in all shapes and sizes and appearances, but, it is what is inside that creates the home for those who attend.
Here at CLC, we are striving to be a place where people can be safe, accepted for who they are; where you can laugh, sing, cheer, love, rest, cry, and be cared about and cared for.  We want to be a place where you can learn, grow, rest, and believe God for great things in an atmosphere of love and respect.  We believe people matter – to God, to the Church, to Me.
We invite you to come check us out.  You’ll find a casual way of doing things yet a structure that focuses our attention on the majesty and glory of God.  Our prayer is that you will come as a guest and leave as a friend.  We desire for you to experience the Presences of God as you sing, laugh, pray, and cry – all in a non-judgmental atmosphere of acceptance and love.  Our hope is you will sense you belong and you can be yourself.
So, whether you grew up in the ‘ideal’ home or have been spent your life dreaming of a place you can call home, why not come check us out?  I’m confident you will find a warm greeting, a welcoming smile, and a genuine concern from people who are just like you.  Come join the family… come on home.

We’ll leave the light on for you!